Pumpkin Spice Latte reviews from 2013

(Last year I wrote up some reviews on pumpkin spice lattes but it was near the end of the season so I never did anything with them. Assuming no changes, this is presumably how I’d feel about them this year.)

Somewhat thick, sugary. Can taste nutmeg, some cinnamon, but not so much coffee. Comes with whipped cream (was asked). Feels like a drink I’d feel a bit sick afterwards.

More coffee, cinnamon, and less sweet, bloat and dairy than Starbucks. Actually tastes like a coffee beverage.

The sweetness level is high but the richness level is poor. It tastes diluted. If one mixed a McD and a SB PSL together 1:1, it’d probably be the right amount of dairy. Rather strong on what I think is nutmeg, and lacking in other spices, which overwhelms the spice experience. Not tasting much if any coffee.

Second Cup
Arguably, how the SB PSL should taste: not very coffee-flavoured, but a better balance of sugar, dairy, and spice. Can use less sugar, but okay otherwise. The price is ridiculous, though.

Timothy’s World Coffee
Weird mix of spices, which leaves a bit of a metallic or chemical aftertaste? Same watery flavour as McD, and not as much dairy. Not all that sugary… …actually, the whole concoction seems to have a hint of aspartame.

Tim Hortons
For the price, I’m not surprised that I’m drinking some kind of diluted warm milk liquid. There may be some spice here, but probably not coffee.